Native Hawaiian Advocacy

elect Shannon Matson

As I was born and raised on the Big Island, I have witnessed the cultural and environmental injustice towards the Native Hawaiian community here my entire life. I will continue to work hard to right these wrongs and help co-create a thriving Hawai’i for all through my activism and through my office if I am able to serve as a public representative. My children are enrolled in Pūnana Leo O Hilo and Nāwahī (Hawaiian Language Immersion schools) and we are raising them to have a deep respect for the language, culture, and customs of the Native people of this land. If/when making any decisions about environmental policy or implementing/expanding/ modifying any projects or addressing any other such issues that may even remotely impact the Native Hawaiian community, I will seek out and listen to guidance from the leaders in those communities. I will make certain that I am making the best policy decisions with their concerns and interests in mind.

I strongly agree that I will propose and/or support legislation to mandate management authority for Mauna Kea is to the right-holders/native Hawaiians and that I would prohibit funding for law enforcement against citizens conducting civil disobedience to protect sites of environmental, cultural, and religious importance, including, but not limited to; Mauna Kea, Hanapepe Salt Ponds, Kalaeloa and Kahuku, Sherwood Forest, etc.