LGBTQ+ Advocacy

elect Shannon Matson

We need to do more to ensure equality for all, and this is another much needed step in the direction of advancing and supporting LGBTQ+ rights and tracking discrimination and harassment.

I am opposed to any law or policy that discriminates against people based on their LGBTQ+ status.

We need to make sure that LGBTQ+ seniors who are looking for assisted living or senior housing are able to room with their partners, regardless of being married. Some seniors did not have an opportunity to marry their partners due to the history of marriage inequality and if their legal status is unmarried they are denied shared assisted living facility access. This is a similar problem with healthcare access, certain plans may not cover same-sex partners or if they aren’t legally married they don’t have access to those same rights. Education on these barriers and working to fix these and other inequality issues are key to helping make sure LGBTQ+ seniors receive the care and support they need without stigma or discrimination.

I believe the Tourism Authority should be marketing to all communities equally. I’m not familiar with why specifically they would be excluding marketing to LGBTQ+ communities but I would definitely use my platform to encourage equality and inclusivity on this front.

I support equal access to all healthcare for all people. Same-sex/trans couples should absolutely be given the same access at the same cost and with zero-stigma to all fertility options available to hetero-couples.

Regarding making sure there are safe places for homeless LGBTQ+ youth would involve education and training for those running the shelters as well as school counselors, teachers, social workers, etc. Making sure those individuals who will be interacting with at-risk youth are educated and sensitive to their needs and can address them in inclusive and supportive ways, especially when/if they are getting shamed or rejected at home and need a safe place or person to turn to.