Reproductive Healthcare & Family Planning

elect Shannon Matson

Our district is severely underserved in this capacity and has limited to no access to these services. I hope to update the current sexual education curriculum for Hawaii. I hope to help fundraise and support Planned Parenthood while doing outreach in my district for more access to reproductive healthcare options.

Sexual and reproductive health care and clinic access is extremely important to me personally as an advocate for Women’s and LGBTQ+ rights.

I feel uniquely qualified to provide some insight into educating folks about their bodies and the miraculous things they are capable of. Through speaking out about miscarriage and birth I have seen other humans open up about their challenging experiences and have been able to connect with them on many topics and find common ground and healing. I look forward to bringing these sorts of conversations to the State Legislature and using them to help shape policy that is truly rooted in equality and body autonomy focused.