Family Advocacy

elect Shannon Matson

We need to mandate that all new housing projects have a percentage of their units set aside as affordable housing options, or possibly increase additional tax incentives to encourage developers to include a portion of affordable rentals within their developments. The current definition of affordable housing is no more than 30% of the average income should be going towards housing expenses, this should be encouraged and supported at the Legislature. Another way to combat the ever increasing expense of housing is to create more options for people to work from home. Creating more small-scale agricultural jobs and technology based jobs can allow people to work in more rural areas without having to commute, which will cut down on their expenses, as well as allow them to live in rural areas where the price of land and housing can be significantly less.

Family leave is a necessity for parents to care for sick children, or aging parents, or injured partners. Family leave is a key part of bonding for both parents and children when a new child enters the family. Being able to afford to take the time for these essential phases in our lives allows for a better quality of life for all in the community. It has been shown in countries around the world that have implemented these policies to increase their GDP, and reduce stress, depression, suicide, and even assault and murder rates have decreased. It is just common sense and people-first decision making to implement paid family leave.