Short Term Vacation Rentals

elect Shannon Matson

I believe that all existing legal businesses should be supported in their efforts to abide by existing regulations. If there are new rules proposed (based on COVID or other reasons) those who have been in previous compliance should be provided with a straightforward path to move forward into compliance, or should be grandfathered in to the new regulations and be allowed to operate as they previously did- as long as there are no clear health or safety risks to residents or visitors.

I am a prior small business owner in downtown Hilo, a current property owner, in Hawaiian Acres, and a landlord (for a long term renter who lives in our  Ľohana rental). I have concerns about excessive regulations making it impossible for me to use my property for what I want/need to, to be able to make ends meet. If elected, I would be working hard to find a balance that allows property owners to be able to use their properties as a revenue generating source and still keep the needs of neighborhood/communities by not tolerating overcrowded or illegal TVRs to operate.