June 10, 2020 For Immediate Release.

Significant Endorsement Received- While HSTA does NOT endorse the incumbent

Two important events just happened. Shannon Matson received the Pono Hawaiʻi Initiative (PHI) endorsement on June 6th. She was grateful and appreciative that her hard work was being acknowledged formally. PHI was created in response to the urgent need to address the accelerating deterioration of societal, economic, and environmental conditions in Hawaiʻi. 

PHI has the exact philosophy that Matson embodies in her campaign – grassroots activism and a focus on responding to the same urgent need- the need to engage in policy making, electoral politics, and community organizing to work for a more sustainable and thriving Hawai’i for all. 

PHI’s stance is that, “Now is the time for bold action. Now is the time for significant policy and political change in Hawaiʻi…. Together we can ensure that the course puts people and the environment above corporate and political greed and obstinacy.” 

Matson says, “this is exactly the work I am doing, and it is great to see other organizations and people out there doing this work too. Together we can uplift and support one another to exponentially increase the reach and effectiveness of this crucial work to get corporate money out of politics and work to create a government that is truly working for the people over private profit interests.”

Matson had a promising interview with the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA), a vital arm of teachers statewide. Matson was initially disappointed to learn she would not be receiving the endorsement this election cycle, but was surprised to hear that HSTA would be taking “no position” on this important State House race. In the past, HSTA has endorsed the 8-year incumbent. By taking a “no endorsement position” this time they are signaling that business as usual is not enough to earn their support. 

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